Golden Eggs do not hatch into chicks, but they are much more valuable as they allow users to share in the protocol profits.

Whenever a transaction occurs in the PokPok protocol, a percentage accrues to a community pot, which is then claimable by community members who burn their Golden Eggs.

How to get Golden Eggs: Healthy chickens reared till maturity can be staked in the protocol to generate profit-accrual tokens called Golden Eggs. Diseased chickens can also be sacrificed for a small amount of Golden Eggs.

How to use Golden Eggs: Profit-sharing is time-gated within a week; therefore, users who burn their Golden Eggs will be eligible for profit-sharing from the community pot in one particular week. Once Golden Eggs are burned, they are permanently removed from the circulating supply. New Golden Eggs can only be obtained via staking healthy chickens or sacrificing diseased chickens.

The entire community pot would never be claimable as a remainder portion is always set aside as foundational funding for the next round of profit-sharing.

Distribution of profits: The percentage of the community pot each member gets depends on the number of Golden Eggs burnt for a particular week, weighted among the Golden Eggs burnt by the entire community. Profits here are inconsistent, and users would have to determine the best strategy of accumulation vs burning their Golden Eggs.

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