Protocol Chickens

Being PokPok’s main mechanic, Chicken NFTs are the in-game pets that can generate profits, golden eggs, and more. They are backed by PAYG Options, lowering the entry point and minimizing risk for first-time investors. Initially, there will be a limited supply of mintable chickens, which will gradually increase over time.

Purchasing a Chicken

Users can purchase chickens from the Vendor, which would give users a quote and estimate the food intake and intervals of the chicken. Once purchased, you are required to make a call on the future direction of the markets (e.g. you think ETH will be higher than current price in 1 week's time). If your call turns out right, you will be handsomely rewarded, provided you keep your chicken alive. If your call turns out wrong, you may choose to stop feeding your chicken and let it starve and die.

Feeding & Monitoring of Chicken

Once users have bought chickens, they must feed them at fixed intervals to ensure they stay alive. If chickens are not fed on time, they will starve and die.

Chickens have two key indicators:

  • Health Bar: Shows how profitable the chicken is. A healthy chicken will have a health bar more than or equal to 0, and a diseased chicken will have health bar statistics less than 0.

  • Satiation Bar: Shows the number of feeds left until the chicken NFT starves. The higher the satiation bar, the higher the chicken can stay alive without being fed. Users can increase their chicken's satiation bar by purchasing vendor meal plans. Once a meal plan is purchased, it cannot be refunded and will be used to feed the chicken until it has been fully consumed.

Harvest Day

On harvest day, healthy chickens may take one of the following actions;

  • Harvest the chicken to receive profits.

  • Keep the chicken & harvest golden eggs.

  • Engage in P2P chicken battles to bet your profits against other users.

Diseased chickens will not be eligible for any of the above actions. Diseased chickens can be burned to return a small random number of Golden Eggs.

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